Points Based Visa System for for UK Immigration.
New Points Based Visa System (PBS) is Implemented by Home Office for UK Immigration. Highly Skilled Workers can apply under Tier 1 (General) category for Highly Skilled Workers if you score 95 points to qualify. Click here for more details...

   Points Based System for UK Visas
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  New Points Based Immigration System for Highly Skilled Individuals
Frequently Asked Questions on PBS for the UK
  1. what is Points Based System for UK Immigration?

    Points Based System or PBS is the UK immigration system implemented by Home Office UK as a part of streamlining UK Visas and Entry Clearance to replace existing 80 plus routes for Entry to the UK. Points Based System or PBS is designed similar to Australia or Canada's similar immigration schemes.

  2. Is Points Based System applicable to those who are already in the UK?

    Points Based System is being implemented in phased manner and it will be applicable to those who are within the UK as well as those who apply for UK visa from outside the UK.

  3. Are there any Points to be scored to qualify for UK Visa?

    Yes, you have to score the points under various attributes and must score the required number of points for successful application for a UK visa or Leave to Remain in the UK.

  4. I am outside the UK. Can I apply under Points Based System for UK?

    Yes, you can apply for Entry Clearance under Points Based System if you wish to migrate to the UK as a Highly Skilled Migrant (Tier 1 General) or as sponsored employee (Tier 2 Skilled worker) or as a Student (Tier 4 Child student or Tier 4 Adult Student) if you can score Points as specified under Points Based Immigration System for the UK.

  5. Can you help me in applying under Points Based System if I am applying from outside the UK?

    We can help you in preparation of the application form and appropriate appendices. We can also help you by assessing your documents to make sure that your supporting documents are as per the requirements of Points Based System. However, you will need to submit the application yourself as you will also need to provide biometric data at the time of application to the British High Commission in your country.

  6. What is the major difference between old visa schemes and Points Based System for the UK?

    Home Office feels that Points Based System would be more transparent and less confusing and there would be less chance of errors while making a decision. Since points based system awards predefined number of points for attributes like age, education, uk experience, earnings, English language knowledge and maintenance funds, the schemes would be more transparent and would not be subjective whereby different people can assess the same evidence / supporting documents differently.

  7. Do you provide same day premium services for applications within the UK under points based system?

    yes, we provide same day fast track services for Leave To Remain and Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK under Points Based System.

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