Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) of the UK is probably the best Immigration Scheme open to Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals, Executives & Managers, presently available from any of the developed countries. HSMP leads to Permanent Resident status for the United Kingdom in just four years. Click here for more details...

   Highly Skilled Migrant Programe
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Engineering Shortage Occupations*

For jobs that are listed below the person must have a degree with at least 2 years relevant experience from a civil, structures or electrical background.Senior positions in the above posts would be expected to have at least 5 years relevant experience.

Railways Planner or Engineer

Railways Modeller

Railway Track Design or Permanent Way Engineer

Communications Engineer

Power Supply Engineer or Electrification Engineer


For jobs that are listed below the person must have a degree with at least 2 years relevant experience from a structures background. Senior posts in the jobs listed below would generally require appropriate chartered status and a minimum of 5 years relevant experience.

Structural Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer or Buildings Engineer

Bridge Engineer or Highways Structural Engineer


For jobs that are listed below the person must have a transport related degree or a degree with at least 2 years relevant experience from a civil background.

Traffic Engineer or Transport Planner

Transport Modeller or Transport Economist (The applicant would be expected to have experience in multi-model studies & modelling software such as TRIPS, EMME2, QVIEW, SATURN, PEDROUTE or Microsimulation)

Traffic Signal Engineer

Highways Design Engineer or Highways Planning Engineer

Highways Maintenance Engineer

Ground Engineering

Geoenvironmental Engineer

Geotechnical Engineer

Geological Advisor

Geological Analyst

Geological Associate

Geological Engineer

Geologist / Hydrogeologist

Geology / Reservoir Engineer

Geomechanics Engineer

Geophysical Specialist



Geosupport Engineer.

Engineering Geologist

Ground Engineer

Contaminated Land Specialist

* Last Updated July 2005

This Information about shortage occupations is taken from the Work Permits web site of the UK and the latest information can be found at:

Engineering sector
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What HSMP Members say...
How I wish such a site was available when I applied for HSMP and came to UK under HSMP! Till before two days of our departure for the UK, we were not sure about where we will go when we land and if there would be any one to receive us at the airport. It was really a time of a lot of stress for us. Fortunately for us some friends of friends helped us, but I am sure not all of us are so lucky and HSMP Services will be able to help those who need such support.   More...
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