Extension under Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)
HSMP Extensions under new HSMP scheme will be subject to your scoring 75 points for Age, Education, Earnings and UK experience. Find out if you will be able to extend your stay in the UK under HSMP under HSMP Extension criteria.

   Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
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HSMP Extension – New Points Based System from 07 November 2006

Home Office, UK has announced the changed HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) scheme which also replaces the HSMP Extension criteria with effect from 08 November 2006. You can not be eligible for HSMP extension by just establishing that you are economically active in the UK and that you have not sought any support from UK Public Funds but you have to score 75 points (similar to initial HSMP application) to be eligible for extension under HSMP.

This will impact all those already in the UK under HSMP who have to apply for HSMP extension leading to ILR. You may be under HSMP with initial permission of 1 year or 2 years or you may have obtained extension earlier making your stay of 4 years under HSMP. However since the ILR can be submitted only after 5 years as per revised rules, you will need to apply for HSMP extension for final 1 year.

HSMP extension application is now similar as initial HSMP application and you would score points for Age, Education and Earnings. You will also need to demonstrate your knowledge of English Language to the level of IELTS Band 6. If you fail to score 75 points there is transitional arrangement available whereby you can switch to Work Permit under certain conditions.

The recent changes for the HSMP Extension are as follows:

  • Qualifying threshold of 75 Points introduced for HSMP Extension.
  • You can score 5 bonus points for UK experience if you are able to claim points under Earnings criteria for your earnings in the UK.
  • Points for your Age at the time of application may be available
  • English Language proficiency of IELTS Band 6 compulsory.
If you are currently under HSMP and you will need to apply for HSMP extension, please contact us immediately if you feel you will have difficulty in scoring required points for HSMP extension. We may be able to help you in planning for HSMP extension under revised scheme for HSMP extension.

Please select the applicable options to know your qualifying score:

HSMP Points Calculator for HSMP extension - Age Section

First, Select the Age Group you belong to:
29 Years or Under 29 Years of Age
30 Years or 31 Years of Age
32 Years or 33 Years of Age
34 Years and Over

Age in years Points
29 or under 20
30 or 31 10
32 or 33 5
34 and over 0
Points can only be awarded to individuals who are still within the age band when their HSMP Extension application is received.
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How I wish such a site was available when I applied for HSMP and came to UK under HSMP! Till before two days of our departure for the UK, we were not sure about where we will go when we land and if there would be any one to receive us at the airport. It was really a time of a lot of stress for us. Fortunately for us some friends of friends helped us, but I am sure not all of us are so lucky and HSMP Services will be able to help those who need such support.   More...
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