Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) of the UK is probably the best Immigration Scheme open to Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals, Executives & Managers, presently available from any of the developed countries. HSMP leads to Permanent Resident status for the United Kingdom in just four years. Click here for more details...

   Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
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  HSMP Announcements  
  Dear Friend,

There have been some significant changes to HSMP scheme for the in-country HSMP Applications as well as HSMP Extension Applications and we though it would be best if we send a separate announcement email for this so that you can save it for your future reference also.

HSMP changes – To whom do they apply?:

While there are no changes to the HSMP scheme or points calculations, application procedure for the applicants applying from outside the UK, there are some major changes for the following type of applications:
  1. First time HSMP application made by any person who is already in the UK on Work Permit or Student Visa or such other visa which grants him / her the Resident Status and who wants to apply under HSMP to change the status to HSMP
  2. Applications for extension of HSMP visa by those who are already in the UK under HSMP visa.
What are the changes?:
  1. There is a new form FLR(IED) which is to be submitted along with the first time HSMP Application or HSMP Extension Application.
  2. There is a separate fee of £335-00 for the FLR(IED) form.
  3. Form FLR(IED) needs to be submitted to a separate address.
From where to get the FLR(IED) form?:

You can download the FLR(IED) form from IND web site or if you are member of HSMP Community, you will be able to download the same from the member area.

How to submit the HSMP application and FLR(IED)?

If you are applying under HSMP for the first time, from within the UK, please note the following importantly:

You must submit directly to the HSMP Team at Doncaster, the following:
  1. A fully completed Highly Skilled Migrant Programme application form.
  2. The correct payment - £315-00
In addition you should send separately to Work Permits (UK) at Cannock, the following:
  1. A fully completed FLR(IED) form. You should not submit this form until you have submitted a fully completed Highly Skilled Migrant Application form to the HSMP Team in Doncaster, UK
  2. Two passport sized photographs
  3. Your passport and those of any dependants accompanying you
  4. The correct payment - £335-00.
You should also supply any original documentation required by the FLR (IED) or HSMP application form to support statements made on them.

If you are already in the UK under HSMP and need to apply for the extension, in the last month before the end of HSMP visa you will be able to apply for further permission to stay as a Highly Skilled Migrant. You should apply directly to Work Permits (UK) in Cannock, using the form FLR (IED) along with the documents as mentioned above and submit the same to Work Permits (UK) at Cannock.


A final decision cannot be made until all forms and documents have been received by the HSMP Team. You should not submit the FLR (IED) before you have fully completed and submitted the Highly Skilled Migrant application form. If you choose to submit both the HSMP application form and the FLR (IED) form together, you will not receive a refund if either part of the application is rejected.

Where to submit FLR(IED)?:

You should send the fully completed HSMP application form and accompanying documentation to the HSMP team at:

Home Office IND
Heavens Walk
Doncaster Carr
Doncaster DN4 5HZ

You should send the fully completed FLR (IED) form and accompanying documentation to Work Permits (UK) at:

Work Permits (UK) – FLR(IED)
Home Office
Walsall Road
Cannock WS11 0WS

We are sure you will find these important details useful for your HSMP Application or extension. We suggest that you take the printout of this email and save the same for your future reference. Please do let us know if you have any further question via email at

Please note that these changes are applicable to those applying from within the UK and do not apply to you if you are applying from outside the UK. For those who are applying under HSMP from outside the UK should send their applications to Doncaster with appropriate payment. They do not need to complete and submit form FLR(IED)

We take this opportunity to remind you that HSMP Community Membership now offers the Money Back facility for those members whose HSMP application is rejected and who do not want to continue. If you have not signed up already, visit http://www.hsmp-services.co.uk/signup.php TODAY!

HSMP Community is a platform where you can discuss various issued related to HSMP scheme and the community members can help each other in many ways. We have added many new features and services and we are continuing to add more services for our members so that their relocation to the UK is smooth and stress-free.

If you are aware of any friend, colleague or relative who may be interested in this information, forward this special announcement to them.

Unsubscribe details:

We are sure you will find the HSMP Announcements useful and will continue your subscription, however, if you decide to unsubscribe for any reason, we have provided the link for the same at the end of this newsletter.

We promise to bring more useful content to you on a regular basis.

Thanks and best regards

HSMP-Services Support Team

Disclaimer : While we try to bring the correct details to you, for all latest policies and rules, please refer the Official IND site.  
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