Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) of the UK is probably the best Immigration Scheme open to Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals, Executives & Managers, presently available from any of the developed countries. HSMP leads to Permanent Resident status for the United Kingdom in just four years. Click here for more details...

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  HSMP Newsletter No. 1 (25 January, 2004)  
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first issue of HSMP newsletter brought out by hsmp-services.co.uk. This newsletter is communication from HSMP Community to its members and the idea of this newsletter is to help all our members. If you have any suggestions to improve this service, please inform us and we will definitely include the same.

  1. Introduction
  2. Suggestions & Tips for HSMP Community
  3. HSMP Success story
  4. What is new?
  5. Special offer / recommendation
  6. Contact details
1.  Introduction

In this issue and the issues following this, we will try to give you suggestions and tips that will help you in preparing HSMP application. We will also add suggestions for your preparation for relocation to the UK after you get the HSMP approval.

2.  Suggestions & Tips

To begin with, some hints for those preparing the HSMP application.

A.  Be Focused:

Once you find out that you can qualify under HSMP, focus completely on preparation for the HSMP application. Concentrate fully on what are HSMP requirements and how you will meet those requirements. Do not get distracted to irrelevant details or material.

B.  Don't Rush. Be Patient:

Don't rush to complete the HSMP application and in submission. Read the HSMP application form and the guidance booklet at least three times and make notes about the points where you are not clear. Also, make note about how you would present your case and supporting evidence. HSMP application is like bullet which can not be stopped once fired.

If you have seen on the HSMP Forums, one visitor has mentioned that he has not completed the section where you are expected to show what steps you are taking to continue work in your chosen field of activity. This is a very important part of the application even though it is not part of point scoring section.

Do not send out your HSMP application till you are completely satisfied with the form and supporting documents. If you have to decide on your application, will you approve it? Wait till your answer is 'Yes'.

Let us now add some suggestions for those who have received HSMP approval and who are preparing for relocation to the UK.

A.  Relocation under HSMP is long-term move:

When you move to the UK under HSMP, it is a long-term move with the intention of making UK your permanent home and you will not be able to travel back to your country frequently. Plan your move properly so that you do not have many unfinished tasks left behind. If you are member of hsmp-services.co.uk, make use of online calendar facility to keep track of these matters.

B.  Take all certificates and reference letters with you:

Make sure that you carry all your original certificates and reference letters with you when you arrive in the UK. They will be very helpful to you. Please take reference letters from your Employer(s), client, Landlord and Bank.

If you are a member of the HSMP community, you have access to the information booklet which has many more such suggestions and tips to make your relocation to the UK a stress free and successful journey.

3.  HSMP Success Story

We are also planning to include HSMP success stories in each of our newsletter issue and if you are aware of any friend or relative who has come to the UK under HSMP and is now successful in his field, please request him / her to send us brief story so that we can include the same in future issues.

4.  What is new?

We are adding a special Reminders Option to the Members Area of the web site www.hsmp-services.co.uk where our members will be able to add Reminders for the important tasks they have to complete. These reminders will be displayed on member's 'My Page' so that they are available instantly on login. We are sure our member will appreciate this facility and make use of it to take care of important tasks related to relocation to the UK under HSMP scheme.

If you have not taken the advantage of the low rate of membership fees and signed up as a member so far, you still have few days before the membership rate goes up to £19.99 from existing £9.99. HSMP membership offers so many benefits and tools and each is directed to save you time and money. Visit http://www.hsmp-services.co.uk/courier_facility.html and sign up now before the membership fees increase!

5.  Special Offers

We plan to bring some special offers from our partners to you in each of our newsletter issue. These offers will be specially designed to help you succeed under HSMP and we are sure you will find these offers helpful to you.

In this issue we are bringing you 2 offers as follows:

A. Get a Free Ink Cartridge for Canon or Epson Inkjet printer.

B. Participate in Market Surveys and Earn Cash up to £25.

We are sure you will like these offers. We will continue to bring more such offers which save you a lot of money and also which help you in generating income.

6.  Contact details:

If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us at hsmphelp@yahoo.com and we will respond immediately.

If you feel this newsletter will be of help to your friends or relatives, please forward this newsletter to them.

We promise to bring more useful content to you on a regular basis.

Thanks and best regards

HSMP-Services Support Team

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What HSMP Members say...
How I wish such a site was available when I applied for HSMP and came to UK under HSMP! Till before two days of our departure for the UK, we were not sure about where we will go when we land and if there would be any one to receive us at the airport. It was really a time of a lot of stress for us. Fortunately for us some friends of friends helped us, but I am sure not all of us are so lucky and HSMP Services will be able to help those who need such support.   More...
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