Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) of the UK is probably the best Immigration Scheme open to Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals, Executives & Managers, presently available from any of the developed countries. HSMP leads to Permanent Resident status for the United Kingdom in just four years. Click here for more details...

   Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
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  PRESS RELEASE                                                                       15th February, 2004  

For Immediate Release

An Online Community launched to help Skilled Professionals migrating under Highly Skilled Migrant Programme of the UK

An online community www.hsmp-services.co.uk is launched by HSMP Services Limited, UK to help the skilled professionals relocating to the UK under Highly Skilled Migrant Programme of the UK.

Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) of the UK is designed to allow individuals with exceptional personal skills and experience to come to or remain in the United Kingdom to seek and take work - without having a prior offer of employment - or to take up self-employment opportunities. HSMP offers Immigration Status to people who have the skills and experience required by the United Kingdom to compete in the global economy.

Immigration to a new country is a major move and one needs constant help and support in smooth relocation - right from preparing for the application to actual move and settling down. And, this help and support are provided by HSMP Services Limited through this online community. While HSMP is very attractive scheme for Immigration to a developed country like the United Kingdom, it has its own challenges and the absence of proper information and guidance can lead to delays and add to stress and frustration.

HSMP Services Limited is dedicated to help the members of Highly Skilled Migrant Community in the UK by providing the information and support services that will help the members in smooth relocation to the UK. "www.hsmp-services.co.uk" is constantly working towards saving the time, effort and money for its members by pro-actively searching for the information they will need and the services they will want.

HSMP Services Limited is promoted by someone who came to the UK under the HSMP scheme and the idea was born out of the personal experiences during this relocation process and also knowing the problems faced by others. Since, UK has very different work culture and other systems like NHS and NI require registrations and each bank has different formalities to open an account, it was felt that this type of community will be an ideal place to help the members in getting timely answers to their questions.

"www.hsmp-services.co.uk" is receiving very good response from everywhere since the recent reduction in qualifying criteria, as many young professionals are also now eligible to apply under the HSMP scheme. While only around 3,700 approvals were granted during almost first 2 years of the scheme, the approvals have quite rapidly increased since the latest changes that came into effect from 31st October 2003.

If you need additional information about HSMP Services Limited or the services provided, please contact:

About HSMP Services Limited

HSMP Services Limited is registered in England No. 4946203.

Contact Details:

Start Woolwich
9 - 11 Gunnery Terrace
Royal Arsenal
London SE18 6SW
Phone: 020 8301 8111
Website: http://www.hsmp-services.co.uk

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I wish to place on record my appreciation for the most professional way in which HSMP-Services has dealt with me so far. I have just despatched my application to the HSMP Team, and the contribution of HSMP-Services in guiding me through the process has been great. It is indeed a great relief to be assured that your original documents will be despatched by them through a reputed courier, once the process is over, that too at a reasonable cost. I am looking forward to receiving the same quality service from HSMP-Services for my resettlement in the UK, once (hopefully) my application is approved.   More...
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