Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) of the UK
HSMP of the UK allows you Immigration to the UK and gives Permanent Settlement rights after 5 years of stay. Initial HSMP approval is for 2 years which can be extended for further 3 years, if you meet HSMP Extension criteria.

   Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
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HSMP Points Calculator with effect from 07 November 2006

Home Office, UK has announced the changed HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) scheme which will replace the old HSMP scheme with effect from 05 December 2006. Old HSMP scheme is suspended for 4 weeks from 8 November 2006 and no fresh applications under HSMP are accepted till 05 December 2006.

Based on this announcement, we have created an online HSMP Points Calculator where you can undertake self-assessment of your case and find out for yourself if you would qualify under New HSMP Scheme. It is likely that you may qualify now, while you may not have qualified under the old HSMP scheme.

Welcome to HSMP points calculator. Here you will be able to find out if you qualify for the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme of the United Kingdom under the new HSMP scheme as announced on 7 November 2006. Please note that this calculator is developed to calculate your points based on the latest changes announced by the Home Office to the HSMP Programme on November 7, 2006.

The recent changes in the HSMP scheme are as follows:

  • Qualifying threshold is increased for all applicants to 75 points.
  • Points for Work Experience removed except for Bonus 5 points for UK work experience or full-time studies in the UK.
  • No points are available for Skills of Spouse / Partner.
  • Special Assessment according to age is modified.
  • Points for Significant Achievement removed
  • Special treatment to Medical GPs removed
  • English Language proficiency of IELTS Band 6 compulsory.
Please select the applicable options to know your qualifying score:

HSMP Points Calculator - Age Section

First, Select the Age Group you belong to:
27 Years or under 27 Years of Age
28 Years or 29 Years of Age
30 Years or 31 Years of Age
32 Years and Over

Age in years Points
27 or under 20
28 or 29 10
30 or 31 5
32 and over 0
Points can only be awarded to individuals who are still within the age band when their HSMP application is received.
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