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Tier 2 Visas UK, Tier 2 For Sponsored Skilled Workers for UK Immigration..
UK Employers have statutory duty to comply with 'Preventing Illegal Employment' requirements of UK Immigration Law. Failure to comply with requirements of prevention of illegal working may make your liable for Civil Penalty of up to 20,000 per illegal employee. We can help you with compliance. Please check Disclaimer and details of our fees.

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   Tier 2 Visas For UK Immigration
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Tier 2 Sponsors UK | This Section is for Tier 2 Employer Sponsors who wish to Sponsor or Employ Skilled Workers from Non-EEA Countries

Applying for Tier 2 Sponsor License UK - For Sponsoring Skilled Workers under Tier 2 General, Tier 2 Sportspersons, Tier 2 ICT (Intra Company Transfer) and Tier 2 Minister of Religion

  UK Employers can sponsor Skilled Workers from non-EEA countries if they cannot find suitable skilled workers within the UK who are settled in the UK or EEA nationals

UK employers must have Sponsor License from the Home Office as Tier 2 Employer Sponsor before they can sponsor and employ any skilled worker of non-EEA nationality, whether from within the UK or outside the UK.

If you are a UK Employer and wish to employ a skilled worker who is not not settled in the UK or a EEA or EU national, you will need to apply for a Sponsor License under Tier 2 with the Home Office. UK Government wants UK employers to hire only those employees who have right to work in the UK and is taking tough measures to stop illegal employment and working in the UK. UK Immigration Rules now specify Civil Penalties of up to 20,000 per illegal employee and also the possibility of Criminal Prosecution. All UK Employers employing Non-EEA nationals, who are not settled in the UK, have statutory duty to comply with requirements of 'Preventing Illegal Employment' whether you ho;d a Sponsor License of not. Because of this Tier 2 requirements keep changigng frequently and as an employer you need to comply with Tier 2 Rules.

Tier 2 UK is divided under following categories and you have to request allotment of quota under these categories. UKBA now specifies annual quota for Tier 2 Categories to restrict the number of migrant skilled workers coming to the UK

01. Tier 2 Sponsor Application
02. Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Sponsor Application
03. Tier 2 Sportspersons Sponsor Application
04. Tier 2 Minister of Religion Sponsor Application

In this section we will discuss the requirements for Tier 2 Sponsors and what are the a href="http://www.hsmp-services.co.uk/tier-2-sponsors/tier-2-sponsor-responsibilities.html" target="_blank" class="link_small" style="text-decoration:none"> duties and responsibilities as Tier 2 Sponsor. We will also explain how we can help you in applying as Tier 2 Sponsor Employer.

We will also discuss about the services we can provide and how HSMP Services Ltd can help you in complying with Sponsorship duties and responsibilities and also with compliance under Preventing Illegal Employment requirements.

We will also help UK employers in making sure that they employ only those skilled workers who have appropriate right to work in the UK. We can also help you in appropriate documentations to make your HR systems robust and to make it compliant with UKBA Sponsorship Management System and to enable you to achieve A Level and maintaining it on continuing basis. Contact us Today to find out how HSMP Services can help you.

What are other Tiers or Levels of UK Visas, under which you can employ non-EEA employees without Tier 2 Sponsor License?

1. Tier 1 General Visas for the UK

2. Tier 4 Visas for the UK, provided student under Tier 4 has permission to work in the UK

3. Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visas for the UK

4. Dependants of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 4 Visaholders for the UK, who have permission to work in the UK

We will keep updating this site as well the sections related to Points Based Immigration System of the UK and we would like to suggest that you bookmark this page and visit this page at regular interval.

If you are planning to apply for a Sponsor License under Tier 2, Tier 5 or Tier 4, we will be happy to offer professional help. We are registered with OISC, UK as Immigration Advisors and we have been helping Employers and Highly Skilled Migrants in Immigration related matters since 2004.

Please contact us today to fix an appointment to discuss your eligibility and application under Tier 2 as a Sponsor Employer.

We have local presence in India and we are also expanding our services in India through presence of our Branches or Partners in major Indian cities.

We are also planning to open branches / offices in other countries and we would also be entering into long-term partnerships / association with a view to reaching out to our clients in a more meaningful manner.

A Word of Caution:

There are some bogus email messages offering employment in the UK doing rounds and if you have received an offer for employment in the UK which is doubtful, you should make proper investigations to make sure that you are not being a victim of such a fraud. In such cases we would like to advise you to make a complaint to Home Office. Genuine UK Employers do not ask for any money from prospective employees and if someone asks for any payment, you should be very cautious


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My wife's dependant visa was declined first in december 09 for incorrect reasons. Upon providing valid proof in the appeal the decision was still not overturned and again logical reasons were not provided. It is then I decided to go with HSMP services and having visted their office in India and London I can say I am more than satisfied as my wife did get her dependant visa and personal attention was provided throughtout the application process. I would recommend HSMP services to those who are not too sure of their application process and have faced rejections before.   More...
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