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   Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
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UK Immigration Services For Highly Skilled Professionals Individuals - How HSMP Services Can Help

Full Immigration Services for IT, Health, Finance & Research Professionals

If you are Highly Skilled and Talented Professional looking for migrating to the UK or are already in the UK under HSMP or Tier 1 General Looking to extend your stay in the UK, HSMP Services Ltd can help.
  1. We provide full services as OISC registered Immigration Advisors for your HSMP and Tier 1 General applications whether you are based in the UK or outside the UK
  2. We can assess your supporting documents and assess your Points for your attributes like Education, Age, Previous Earnings, Knowledge of English Language and UK experience
  3. We will be able to check your documents and would be in a position to suggest if any additional documents are required or if any changes are required or if any documents need translation into English.
  4. We will help in completing the HSMP or Tier 1 General Applications
  5. HSMP Services Ltd will submit the application to Home Office on your behalf and liaise with Home Office on your behalf as Legal Representative, if required
  6. We will help you with extension applications under HSMP or Tier 1, when the extensions are due
  7. We will help you with applications for Settlement in the UK or Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK when you become eligible
  8. We will help you with Naturalization and British Citizenship applications once you are eligible for the same
  9. We will help you with applications for your dependant family members so that they can come to the UK and live with you
These are some of the important services our satisfied clients have been enjoying over the past years and you will also receive the same high standard services. We will be continuously updating our knowledge and web site so that we can provide timely and efficient services to you and UK Immigration process remains stress-free.

And, most important of all we will be constantly be tracking the changes to the HSMP and Tier 1 General scheme under Points Bases System of UK Immigration and we will inform our clients about the changes as they happen and how the changes will affect them.

If you feel that we should add some more services to our list, please suggest the same and we will be happy to try and include the same as soon as possible.

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Are You under OLD HSMP?
If your HSMP was approved under
Old HSMP before 06/11/2006
We can help you in Extension
Please contact us immediately
Our Services to UK Employers
If you are a UK based employer interested in Sponsoring Non-EEA Skilled Workers under Tier 2 General, Intra Company Transfer, as Minister of Religion or as Sportsperson HSMP Services Ltd. can offier full services to apply for Tier 2 Sponsor License. We will be happy to guide you with full requirements including the documents required for Sponsor application and also with maintenance of appropriate employee documents on your HR files. We can also help you in properly assigning the Certificates of Sponsorship to eligible employees for their fresh Tier 2 applications or for Tier 2 extension applications. Please visit   Tier 2 Sponsors Section for more information.
Tier 2 Application Same Day
We can help you with your Tier 2 General or ICT application under same day premium service.
Please contact us Today!
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