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   Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
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  UK Immigration Forums : Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 4 Forums : ILR UK Forums : HSMP Forums  
UK Immigration and PBS Forums including ILR Forums and British Citizenship Forums are hosted to help Students, Skilled and Highly Skilled Migrants to share and discuss their questions and experiences so that the new visitors and applicants can have some idea and guidance about various requirements of UK Immigration Rules and Immigration Law. Whether you are planning to relocate to the UK as a Migrant under Tier 1 for the Highly Skilled or Tier 1 Entrepreneurs or Tier 1 Investors category or as a sponsored skilled worker under Tier 2 or as a Student under Tier 4 you have many questions and also the stress because these days most of these applications are a very expensive exercise and if your application is refused for any reason, you may have to reapply or go for an appeal. These forums are not intended to show any short cuts or illegal ways to cheat the system. The forums are unmoderated and the messages posted on these Forums are the views of individual members and it should not be construed the same as views of HSMP Services Limited.

Please use your Nickname for Forums which you selected when you signed up to login to the Forums Area.

Never disclose your email id in the Forums to make sure that you do not receive any Spam Emails.

We hope our clients and visitors will be able to find answers to many of their questions about the UK Immigration for theHighly Skilled and Skilled professionals.

UK Immigration Forums - Main Topics or Subjects

  1. Forum for Tier 1 Highly Skilled Migrants
  2. Forum of Tier 1 General Extensions
  3. Forum for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Migrants
  4. Forum for Tier 1 Investor Migrants
  5. Forum for Tier 1 Post Study Work UK
  6. Forum For Tier 2 Skilled Workers With Job Offer
  7. Forum for Tier 2 - Minister of Religion
  8. Forum for Tier 2 Sportsperson
  9. Forum for Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer (ICT)
  10. Forum for Tier 4 Adult Students for the UK
  11. Forum for Tier 4 Child Students for the UK
  12. Forum for Tier 4 Student Visa Extensions
  13. Forum For Indefinite Leave To Remain for Spouses / Partners - SET(M)
  14. Forum For Indefinite Leave To Remain for Family Members - SET(F)
  15. Forum For Indefinite Leave To Remain For Sole Representative / Retired Person - SET(BUS)
  16. Forum For Indefinite Leave To Remain After HSMP / Tier 1 / Tier 2 - SET(O)
  17. Forum For Indefinite Leave To Remain - Other Categories
  18. Forum for British Citizenship
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